Pilots Can Now See 300NM With This

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Weather!! How big a role does it play in your flying?

A pleasant weather, with gentle breeze, unlimited visibility and bright sun shine can can make your flying just amazing.

The weather is happy and so are you!!

But, what will happen when the weather turns angry?

Well, you would wish that you were better on the ground that up in the air fighting with the ruler of the sky.

The best way to deal with an angry weather is to avoid it.

Unfortunately, our naked eyes can only see around 10 or 15 miles ahead. That is just 2 or 3 minutes of your flying time.

Don’t you want to have something which can enable you to see 100 or 200 nautical miles ahead of you.

It will give you enough time to divert around in case there is an angry weather ahead.

RDR 2060 radar from BendixKing can help you in doing just that.

RDR 2060 is a better brother of RDR 2000.

RDR 2060 provides pilots with a pair of eyes which will enable you to see nearly 300 miles ahead. Yes, you guessed it right, you will be a complete superman with this product from RDR 2060.

Many aircraft owners must already be using RDR 2000 and they must be aware about its capabilities.

Well, RDR 2060 is several steps ahead of its brother RDR 2000.

BendixKing is also offering a Radar Renaissance Upgrade Program for the owners of RDR 2000.

It is a cost effective way to upgrade the capabilities of RDR 2000.

in this program, RDR units will be inspected, disassembled and upgraded to the new RDR 2060.

So what will this upgrade provide?

The transmit power of the product will increase by 50% and there will be a reduction in pilot workload.

What are the features of this RDR 2060?

  • Weather detection capability will be better with 50% increase in magnetron power to 6kW.

  • Increase in weather detection range as it has been expanded from 240NM to 320NM.

  • Pilots will get increased safety and situational awareness with Auto range limiting which warns of blocked areas.

  • Pilot workload is considerably reduced with auto tilt

  • Greater situational awareness is provided with Sector Scan which focuses on priority storm

  • and yes, in the last, but not the least, you get better peace of mind with 1 year product warranty

Along with this upgrade, radars that are at mod level 3 or above will be brought to current product mod level by BendixKing, without charging anything extra.

At the end of this upgrade, you will have a complete refresh and performance upgrade of the radar that you already have by spending just one third of the new product.

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