Fine Tune Your Flying Skills with This New Program from AOPA

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The Air Safety Institute (ASI) of AOPA has finally come out with Focused Flight Review which will give pilots the opportunity to fine tune their proficiency, skills and knowledge.

The long-awaited Focused Flight Review make use of carefully designed flight scenarios.

The association is aware that it is only during a recurrent training that a pilot gets the chance to fly with an instructor, which which happens every two years. However, there is no limitation on the number of additional flying training request a pilot can make with their local CFI, as per FAR Part 61.56.

Instructor should make every session both interesting and comprehensive, something which, many CFIs simply do not have the time to indulge in.

The Focused Flight Review has been created by ASI in co-ordination with a number of industry partners. It contains a series of scenarios complete with pre-flight study materials and flight profiles.

A number of operational areas have been talked about here including decision making, stick-and-rudder skills, technologies, understanding of aircraft operating envelopes, loss-of-control avoidance and aircraft performance capabilities.

The flight profiles and preflight study resources are available as pdf files and can be downloaded. It contains Weather and CFIT (controlled flight into terrain), Positive Aircraft Control, Engine, Fuel and Other Systems, along with discussions on takeoffs, landings, instrument proficiency, Mountain and Backcountry Flying and Go-Arounds.

So here you go my dear pilots and flight instructors check out this new flight review system from AOPA and yes, ASI wants to know how you feel after using this new system.

Every scenario has a feedback link, certainly, its creators wants to know how effective their new system is, so don’t forget to give your feedback, as it will be highly valuable for them.

And here is an icing on the cake guys, by using the ASI scenarios you can also qualify for credit under the Proficiency Wings Program from the FAA.

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