A Beautiful Two Seat Airplane Named After A Fearsome Fish

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Barracuda!! No No, don’t run for your life.

Wait, it is an airplane I will talk here about.

Yes, it is not a fish, it is an airplane.

Lancair International love for oceanic animals is evident as it names its new offering after a fish. May be.

What made them to come out with this name. The airplane is beautifully designed and performs well, but, Barracuda!! Airplanes should be named after some bird, not after a fish!! Well, anyways.

Lancair International got a new owner and was moved to Uvalde, Texas recently.

Just like numerous other aviation companies, the company wanted to make a lasting impression at the EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and it made the announcement for two-seat airplane kit.

Yes, the company already manufactures a four-seat airplane, named Mako.

Lancair’s president Conrad Huffstutler, talks about his company’s new offering – the Barracuda is a 2/2/2 proposition – It can fly with 2 people, can cruise at 200 knot and cost a buyer $200,000.

Mr Huffstutler describes Barracuda as an entry-level airplane that has the best features of the Mako and it has been created for pilots who are looking for maximum performance with minimum spending both on money and time.

The company wants to take a big bite of the two seat performance market with its Barracuda, says Mr Huffstutler.

Now, that explains why this beautiful airplane has been named so. But, as I look at the airplane, well, I just have photographs, not seen it in actual, the airplane does not look fearsome or ferocious as its name sharer, the fish is famous as!!

The Barracuda is built on the Legacy airframe having longer one-piece wing. It will give a quicker build time and docile flight characteristics of a speedy airplane, says Lancair.

From wings at the top we move down to bottom, gear, and there we have auto-retractable nose just like the Mako.

All good on the outside, let’s step inside and the garmin’s G3X Touch screen and GTN 750 navigator decorates the Barracuda panel with latest avionics.

Wonderful, but what is inside the cowling?

Barracuda gets its power from four-cylinder, 210 hp O-390-X Lycoming engine. With this the airplane can achieve a top cruise speed of 200 knots by burning 11 to 13 gallons in an hour.

There you have a complete beautiful two-seater aircraft.

You can add air conditioning, carbon composite, ice protection and more, which are available as option. The builder assist program from Lancair will help you in the manufacturing process.

All is so good, still, why this fearsome name!!!

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