Small and Light are Two of the Many USPs of This Aircraft

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Small is beautiful. And Light is efficient.

These two statements perfectly describe the beautiful and sleek twin jet engine aircraft from Honda Aircraft Company.

The delivery of an upgraded version of HondaJet Elite – an light twin jet has been started by the Greensboro, North Carolina-based Honda Aircraft Company.

Well, we heard earlier this year from the company that it is modifying the aircraft and planning to replace its inaugural HA-420 model with an Elite version.

So what is new in this new avatar aircraft from HondaJet?

Well, light means more distance and yes the Elite version provides an increased range of 1,437 nautical miles.

When you can go more distance with this increased range you got to have a better cabin! Do you agree?

Yes, folks, HondaJet has made some cosmetic improvements along with more paint options. Are we expecting a more elegantly colorful HondaJet Elite? May be!

There is option for full-service galley and more entertainment while you are in the air (even on ground) with Wifi and built in audio system.

You will have to guess from where the sound is coming as the speakers are hidden. Keep on searching!

Alright, all looks so good for passengers. What about the pilots?

The Elite version from HondaJet has stability protection, addition of angle of attack, under-speed protection and coupled go-around technology.

And yes, not to forget it has modified flight planning features of the Garmin G3000 avionics.

Must be a pleasure to fly this cute bird! Wish I get a chance, hey Honda I am a pilot too. Seriously.

The twinjet from Honda Aircraft has been remarkably successful and there is no doubt it has climbed to the top in its category when we count the deliveries in the start of this year.

17 HondaJets have been delivered in the first half.

The company sense that it has room for a lot more as 16 sales representatives have been incorporated both internationally and domestically.

Moving back to home of Honda Aircraft Company, a sales office was opened in Japan earlier this year. A decision which turned out to be highly fruitful for the company as it has already received orders for 10 HondaJet Elite in Japan.

Unfortunately, people back home will have to wait before they can fly or travel in this beautiful flying machine from HondaJet. Reason – the company still has to obtain Japanese certification which is expected early next year – said Michimasa Fujino, Honda Aircraft’s president and CEO.

Relax folks, we have to wait for good things.

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