Flight Instructor Applicant – How Is Your Preparation?

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Do you want to be a certified flight instructor? Wonderful… how is your preparation going on?

Have you covered all the topics that may be asked during the oral portion of the exam?

The amount of information that a flight instructor applicant needs to acquire is massive. It is but natural that a topic or two may be missed.

To make things easy for flight instructor applicants, ASA has released a second edition of Gregg Brightwell’s Practical Guide to the CFI Checkride.

Written in plain language, this practical guide will tell a flight instructor applicant what he or she should know and demonstrate at the time of oral portion of the FAA practical exam.

Don’t blame the examiner for coming out with a surprise question for you, just go through Gregg Brightwell’s Practical Guide to the CFI Checkride, says officials with ASA.

This guide has been compiled using the appropriate Practical Test Standards and incorporated the specific task elements. It covers up for the gaps that are left between textbook learning and practical application, and makes for a better prepared flight instructor application, says ASA officials.

You must be highly dedicated to achieve your aim of becoming flight instructor. The sheer volume of information that needs to be mastered is just overwhelming.

It is difficult to sort out what is more important in this vast ocean of information. The Practical Guide to the CFI Checkride will help you prioritize this information.

Thousands of pages of guidance materials have been consolidated into language that is easy to understand, remember and refer quickly, noted ASA officials.

You can also take down notes if you want as space is provided for it and the book contains CFI Practical Test Standards as an Appendix both for airplane, single engine.

The soft cover book can be purchased for $19.95 whereas the eBook (save paper, save money, save environment) can be had for $14.95. Want to have it in both forms, buy a bundle for $24.95.

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