UK At Last Realized Skytyping Should Not be Banned

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UK is at last waking up to the fact that there is after all no harm in Skytyping. This one of the most developed country in the world currently prohibits anyone from writing anything in the sky.

The promise has come from aviation minister Baroness Sugg CBE to update the UK law and to resume the practice of Skytyping and any other form of skywriting in the United Kingdom.

It is the pressure from the aviation world that has caused the UK government to open up its eyes and realize that writing something in sky should not be illegal afterall.

A letter was sent to the Aviation Minister after it was pointed out to the Transport Secretary that the current law is absolutely absurd.

The Aviation Minister finally has to say that the current ban on Skytyping or other forms of sky writing will be reversed.

I wonder how the aerobatics pilots of UK had been tolerating this ban all this while.

In case you do not know, Skytyping is a technique through which an aircraft emits smoke in a series of precise bursts and letters and words are formed in the sky.

An electronic master plan is used to generate smoke output.

Ironically, just across the Pacific Ocean, in the United States this practice has been going on since decades. It is also used in a number of other countries.

It is something that has always been illegal in the United Kingdom.

Now there is another hurdle in revoking this ban. It is the time available in UK Parliament. UK government is too busy with the Brexit that it will have little time, if at all, to consider this matter.

Baroness Sugg does give assurance to general aviation community that the Skytyping project will be moved forward as soon as the Parliamentary time allows.

How come everyone especially the UK government has been sleeping on this matter and what has caused this Skytyping matter to crop up?

It so happened that the All-Party Parliamentary group on General Aviation had made a fact-finding visit to the United States.

It is here they found that Skytyping is used for decades as an effective tool to reach millions of people.

It is this fact finding visit that made MPs and Lords of UK realize that their law of sky typing is outdated one!!

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