Two Avionics Companies Move Court Over Intellectual Patent

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Two avionics companies are up against each other.

The problem is one complained about patent infringement.

The fight is between Garmin and uAvionix.

uAvionix recently made news for its easily installable Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) wingtip mounted solution which is close to get FAA Technical Standard Order approval.

uAvionix cleared its stand from allegations and stated that the suit will have no effect on its certification or ADS-B hardware.

Garmin knocked the doors of the court on June 19 in uAvionix home state Montana. My patents have been robbed by this company intentionally, claimed avionics giant Garmin.

The problem is with the technology used by uAvionix which Garmin claims has been patented by it. Marketed by the name AutoSquawk, this avionics gadget automatically transfers the information that is required by ADS-B from the existing transponder of the aircraft.

This technology is used by Garmin in its GDL-82, GDL-84 and GDL-88 universal access transceivers. These gadgets can send and receive ADS-B data on 978 MHz.

The complaint states that this technology is covered by US Patent no. 8,102,301 and is not licensed by the company.

As per reports Garmin had tried to resolve this issue with uAvionix without moving to the court. The former asked the latter to explain how its products do not infringe the patent.

To confirm that uAvinoix has in fact used its patented technology, Garmin purchased uAvionix “redesigned” product and found that it does violate Garmin’s patent.

Garmin says that it was left with no other option but to move to the court, as uAvionix disregarded Garmin’s patent rights.

A Garmin spokeswoman decided not to say anything on the matter when asked for additional information.

uAvionix, on the other hand, says it has not done anything wrong. The statement was posted by the company on its website.

We are innovators and not infringers. We have our own patent-pending method for using altitude information and Mode 3/A which is different from the method in the 301 Patent. uAvionix welcome anyone to see for themselves. It will be decided by the court and the industry, ultimately.

uAvionix, the developer of skyBeacon and tailBeacon, is strong on its stand. The company takes the intellectual property rights seriously and it wants the world to know this. It will defend its integrity. uAvionix is aware the disruptive products do garner undesirable attention from competitors.

uAvionix is expecting that it will soon get the FAA TSO approval for the easy to install skyBeacon wingtip position light and ADS-B transmitter.

Soon after the company wants to submit tailBeacon – a similar product designed to install in the aft position light of the aircraft.

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