Perlan 2 Glider Climbing Above Highest Altitude Records

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A record is made to be broken.

This time it is a glider flying at the highest altitude.

The Perlan 2 high latitude glider made history when it climbed the highest ever by any glider. This remarkable feat was achieved in the southern part of the Patagonia mountain range.

First, the glider was pulled to an altitude of 42,000 feet and from then on the Perlan 2 glider continued to climb crossing the 62,000 feet mark.

This altitude is beyond the Armstrong line – an altitude beyond which human body blood will boil unless you are in some form of pressurization.

Perlan Mission II’s chief pilot Jim Payne and pilot and project manager Morgan Sandercock have shattered their own record which they had set nearly one year back in the same region of Argentina.

Payne and Sandercock had climbed the glider to 52,221 feet when they set up the record last year.

It is not one, but two records have been broken at the same time.

A tow plane was used by the team that was capable of taking them to much higher altitudes than was previously possible.

A second record of towing Perlan 2 glider beyond 44,000 feet was set up by Grob Egrett G520 turboprop.

In the latest flight by Perlan 2 it was released at an altitude of 42,000 feet by the Egrett – flown by Arne Vasenden, the chief pilot of AV Experts.

The team is quite optimistic and believes that Perlan 2 has the capability to break more records. Something which is expected to happen soon as the team will be in Argentina till mid-September.

They should certainly say thanks to the lifting forces created by the Patagonian mountain waves. These waves can reach 100,000 feet. The Perlan Mission II team believes that the glider can reach an altitude of 90,000 feet.

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