Emirates Airline Passengers Became Sick During Flight

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It looked something of the Quarantine movie. Only in this case it was the airplane that was quarantined and not the entire building.

Well, Emirates airline was in the news recently for a totally different reason. Its flight 203 flew out of Dubai and landed at JFK Airport with a report that a number of passengers on it have fallen sick.

It was something really to be concerned about and in an obvious reaction the airplane was moved to an isolated place, due to the fear that others may be contaminated by this unknown virus.

Within no time medical personnel from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention came into action and analyze the situation and provide assistance to the passengers before they can move out of the airplane.

In a statement released by CDC nearly 100 passengers have complained of illness and they include some crew on the flight. These people complained of fever, cough and gastrointestinal illness.

There were a total of 521 passengers on board the aircraft and 11 of them had to be hospitalized.

A number of passengers had been coming from Saudi Arabian city of Mecca which experienced flu outbreak recently and symptoms of passengers are similar to flu.

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