Did This Pilot Used the Checklist Correctly?

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Dear friends, today I will begin by asking some questions from you.

Flaps!! How important they are in flying?

Second, checklist!! How important it is in flying?

Third, how you should go through your checklist? Or what is the right procedure to go through aircraft checklist?

How bad things can get when you don’t use flaps and checklist properly?

This NTSB accident report throws some light on it.

It was the third skydiving flight of the day for this pilot.

A back taxi was performed on the runway to takeoff at the airport in Warrenton, Virginia.

As per the report submitted by the pilot, as he rotated the Pacific Aerospace 750XL for takeoff, a steady stall warning horn was heard along with a mushy feel of the flight controls.

Above all, the airplane resisted from leaving the runway.

In obvious response, the takeoff was aborted by the pilot and full brakes were applied along with reverse thrust.

Unfortunately, all this was not enough to stop the aircraft on the runway.

Rolling out of the runway, the airplane came to a stop only after hitting the fence and with landing gear collapsed.

Both the left and right told the story of the accident as they were substantially damaged.

Pilot knew the cause of the accident even before things were examined by investigators.

The reason was he forgot to put down the flaps!!

Soon after the accident he noticed that the flaps were in full retracted position even though they should have been set to 20 degree for takeoff.

So, why the pilot forgot to set the flaps in the right position for takeoff?

As per what he said, it seems like he was in a hurry and believed more on his memory than the manual checklist!!

He told the investigators that he did not used the physical checklist, but used it mentally.

Probable cause – wing flaps were not set appropriately for takeoff which leads to aerodynamic stall. Aircraft overran the runway during aborted takeoff.

NTSB Identification – GAA16CA477

So my dear friends, don’t be in a hurry to take off. Use the checklist properly.

Happy landings!!

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