How Big is This Flight Training Center from United Airlines?

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When you are a big airline, in fact one of the biggest in the world, than you got to have a big training center.

United Airlines was in news recently as it raised the curtains from its state-of-the-art flight training center in Denver, Colorado.

It is claimed that this flight training center is the largest in the world and the airlines has installed more than 30 full flight simulators here and the ones which represents almost all the fleet types the airline has.

More than 12,000 pilots of United Airlines visit this flight training center at least once in a year either for a recurrent or new training. This is also the largest single site training facility for other airlines as well.

Just imagine the size of this flight training facility, flight crew from more than a dozen airlines and government agencies come here to brush up and fine tune their knowledge.

This training facility is not just for pilots, but it also has many things for flight attendants and maintenance technicians, who can up their knowledge through emergency training and other facilities.

Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines, is proud to speak about this state-of-the-art flight training center from United Airlines. It is described as the investment made by the airlines in its people.

United Airlines forayed into training people for aviation industry in Denver in 1943. The present campus started operating in 1968 and there were four buildings at that time, and now it has expanded to six buildings. The fifth and sixth building were built in 1992 and 1997 respectively.

United Airlines decided to improve its Denver flight training center in 2015. During this consolidation process a number of flight simulators were added, with the number almost doubling.

A seventh building has been erected which will expand this flight training center to almost 540,000 square feet. Eight more flight simulator bays will be added.

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