Airbus and China Airlines Showcase Latest A350-900 with Unique Joint Livery

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When you have a brand new airplane, you got to show it in a brand new way!

Just days back, Taiwan’s China Airlines (CAL) took delivery of the latest A350-900 airplane.

So, what is the best way to show that you have purchased something new?

Well, present it in a unique way.

Unique joint livery was a good thought to attract people’s attention towards this new airplane.

The latest A350-900 displayed the distinctive plum blossom logo of the airline along with the A350 XWB carbon fiber pattern of Airbus.

With the addition of this new aircraft, China Airlines now boosts of 14 A350-900 in its fleet. These airplanes are flown on non-stop long haul routes, such as from Taipei to North America and Europe and yes, on some selected routes in the Asia-Pacific region.

The latest offering from Airbus, the A350 XWB has certainly made a long lasting impression with its ability to fly long distance nonstop. The aircraft entered service in 2015 and there are more than 200 aircraft in service already.

This is not all, till the end of September 2018, Airbus has a total of 890 orders for its long distance offering – A350 XWB.

46 customers from across the globe want to have this aircraft and it is already the most successful wide body aircraft ever.

So, what all is special about this A350 XWB aircraft from Airbus?

According to what the company claims –

  • The aircraft has latest aerodynamic design
  • Fuselage and wings are made of carbon fiber
  • Rolls-Royce engine that are highly fuel efficient

All these features come together to present A350 XWB which given unrivalled performance. The aircraft consumes 25% less fuel as compared to older generation aircraft of the same size.

Above all, you get all this with having to spend much on maintenance.

Airbus is a world famous name in the field of aeronautics, space and related services.


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