What is Special About Victoria Grace in Aviation World?

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Being first is really important as no one remembers the second.

Everyone remembers the first person who climbed Mount Everest, rarely anyone remembers the second…with all due respect.

Victoria Grace has made history as she has become the first female single-engine private pilot who will be certified by Fairmont State University.

She received the honor from Shelley Moore Capito, who made history by becoming the first female Senator of the state, in a ceremony that was held at CLarksburg Airport.

This was an emotion filled morning for Grace. Speaking on the occasion, as she was still shaking, she didn’t knew that it will be like this today and it is a very cool experience.

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She was finding difficult to believe that she was the first female, and she thanked everyone who has been with her in this journey. She stated that she could not have done it alone.

Acknowledging Grace’s accomplishment, Capito stated that this achievement fills the gap that is there in the flight industry.

Capito is pleased that more women are coming in this field where they are so underrepresented and that’s aviation. Grace will be a great role model for girls in the future.

Capito presented a plaque to the pioneer which highlighted the accomplishments of Grace.

“Victoria Broke Grace was forever entered into history and memorialized as the first women to certify as a single-engine land pilot through the Aviation Center of Excellence at Fairmont State University”.

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“Her eyes will forever be skyward”.

Not to be missed on this occasion was Amelia Earhart – another first in her own right. Capito read a quote from her too – “the most effective way to do it is to do it”.

Grace only wanted to fly, she never aimed to make a history when she started at this school, which was eventually realized. Unknowingly, she has gone on to become the pioneer for women.

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