Why United Airlines Partnered with Aero Club Foundation of Washington?

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United Airlines showed its generous side once again. This time it donated a big amount to Aero Club Foundation of Washington.

The Foundation is working towards generation interest in aviation, aeronautics and the science of aerodynamics in public and charter schools in the District of Columbia.

The donation of $40,000 from United Airlines is in e-certificates to students of fly DC public and public charter school for opportunities and experiences in aviation they may not have otherwise.

Some of the activities that have been planned for these students include – visiting airline hubs, maintenance and repair stations, manufacturing facilities, attending aerospace and aviation conferences and touring aviation university and college programs.

According to Yvette Rose, president of the Aero Club Foundation of Washington, the generous donation from United Airlines will give DC students the opportunity to get up close and personal with aviation and have a first-hand experience.

Rose is thankful to United for the chance it has given to students to experience things such as sit in the cockpit of an airliner, meet people who are there in the aviation industry and experience daily operation is carried out at airport.

United Airlines has always taken an active initiative in encouraging the passion towards aviation in the next generation, stated Sharon Grant, VP of Community Affairs, United Airlines.

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In its continued effort to connect youth to airline industry it has partnered with The Aero Club Foundation of Washington in Washington, DC.

This is a sure shot way to make sure that the aviation industry is never short of people working in it and that innovation and development takes place here continuously.

About Aero Club Foundation of Washington

The Aero Club Foundation of Washington furthers interest in the development and principles of aviation and aeronautics by sponsoring, establishing and supporting student in education programs at charter and public school in the District of Columbia.

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