Things to Do Before Singapore Tourist Visa

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Singapore receives a large number of tourists from India every year. Certainly, for Indian passport holders it is easier than before to get a tourist visa for Singapore.

After all if you want to enjoy the beauty of Singapore than you need to have a valid document to enter and roam around in Singapore.

Before you apply for Singapore tourist visa, here are a few things that you need to know:

  1. If you are an Indian passport holder than you will get a Singapore tourist visa that will be valid for 2 years and you can stay for maximum of 30 days in one entry.


  1. Just like it applies for any other tourist visa, your passport need to be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date you enter Singapore.


  1. Singapore tourist visa allows multiple entries that is – till the time visa is valid you can enter multiple times without the need to reapply.


  1. For those who are having an old passport, it is better to enclose the same with the application form.

You are required to submit two recent colored passport size photographs along with the application form.

The photograph needs to be –

  • 35 mm X 45 mm
  • Only white background
  • Matte finish
  • 80% face close up

The color of your top needs to be in contrast with the white background of the photograph. One of the photographs will be pasted on the Singapore tourist visa with cross signature on it.

Make sure your photographs are less than 3 months old.

Anyone who will stay in Singapore for less than 8 hours can apply for Free Singapore tour. They need to register at the Changi airport to apply for the same.

This is good for those who have a connecting flight and have around 4 – 5 hours of wait.

In the last but not the least, you need to have a return flight ticket, along with sufficient funds for your stay in Singapore.

Dear friends in case you need assistance in applying for tourist visa for any country than you can send in your request to

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