What is the Big Announcement Made by LAUNCH TWS?

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Launch Technical Workforce Solutions made a big announcement.

The first satellite office has opened up in aviation hub city of Renton, Washington.

It is just outside of Seattle.

Launch Technical Workforce Solutions wants to become a leader in providing innovative, customer driven and flexible aviation workforce solutions.

The Renton office of LAUNCH will provide workforce solutions to local clients including OEMs, suppliers, manufacturers and more.

Paul Sahatdjian is the vice president of LAUNCH of the Western Region. He has more than 25 years of experience in aviation staffing.

Paul stated that LAUNCH team knows the aviation market inside and out. This is the reason they are able to find the right candidates for their clients.

They are able to completely satisfy the staffing requirements of its clients.

Renton has a unique culture and it is based on collaborations, strong community connections and camaraderie.

LAUNCH feels excited to be proud of this culture.

Mike Guagenti, who is the CEO of LAUNCH stated that the tight knit aviation community of Renton will embrace LAUNCH as a new partner.

By opening an office at Renton, LAUNCH shows its dedication towards its work. It wants to help the aviation community grow and succeed.

Opening a new office is a part of this effort.

LAUNCH is described as a very big name in the field of providing technical workforce in aviation.

It works from more than 200 locations across the globe and provides employment to more than 6,000 people every year.

It fulfills the requirement of technicians, mechanics, engineers, machinists and other skilled workers created by OEMs, MROs, airlines and other service centers.

LAUNCH also fulfills the workforce requirement created by manufacturing, industrial, ground transportation and warehousing companies as well.

LAUNCH has a world class reputation and it continues to grow, widening the service that is offered by it and bringing in innovation.

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