NTSB Aviation Accident Report Piper Damaged due to Fuel Exhaustion

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Running out of fuel while you are flying can be extremely dangerous. This NTSB aviation accident report highlights the importance of calculating your fuel requirement with utmost accuracy.

You cannot stop your aircraft in the middle of the air to refuel. It is for this reason proper flight planning is a must.

At times we may rush through the things and take things lightly while preparing our pre-flight plan.


Some pilots are not that lucky enough to pass easily through this improper behavior. So here are the details of this NTSB aviation accident report.

It was a cross country flight that had a terrible ending. Low fuel was observed by the pilot while he was on a cross country flight.

It forced him to divert to a nearby airport.

He noticed that the right fuel tank had become completely dry and because of this he lost power while on the downwind leg.

In an obvious response the fuel tank was switched to left one.

It brought back life to the dying aircraft engine; however, this big relief was only short lived.

As the pilot turned for base, he was left with no engine power.

The airplane was only able to fly till the instrument landing system lights, hitting them and damaging both the wings.

This unfortunate incident happened at the airport in Thomson, Georgia.

The pilot later on accepted that he was wrong in calculating the amount of fuel that will be required in this cross country flight.

Aviation accident investigators found only one cup of fuel in the tanks at the time of examination.

Probable cause – improper flight planning from the pilot resulted in this aviation accident. The fuel tanks went empty before the flight was complete and the engine power was lost.

This NTSB aviation accident report was published for educational purpose and to make other pilots aware of the things that can go wrong in flying.

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